Granny Squares Crochet Workshop

Granny Squares are simply the coolest things this year….and if I can teach my reluctant 14yr old daughter then I can teach ANYONE! So don’t be afraid be excited.  These 2 hour workshops are really popular (thus proving my ‘coolest thing ever’ point!!!) Perfect for complete beginners and those who were taught when they were little and need a refresher!

All wool and crochet hooks are provided.

Saturday 1st June            13:00 – 15:00     Little Box Cafe       only 1 place left

Thursday 13th June        10:00 – 12:00    SillyMoo Studio

Thursday 25th July         10:00 – 12:00    SillyMoo Studio

Thursday 19th Sept         10:00 – 12:00    SillyMoo Studio

If you can muster a group of 3 or 4 together I will happily host a workshop just for you.

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