Crochet Flower Lampshade


I’ve recently been playing with a crochet flower pattern from Lucy in Attic24 and have come up with another playful lampshade.


Take one tatty lampshade (bought for 50p at a local jumble sale!)


Strip it back to its wire frame.


Cover the wire in strips of fabric. It doesn’t need to be perfect, in fact raggy and tatty rather adds to its charm in my opinion


Now sit back and crochet a pretty selection of roses using up all those odd ends of wool. You can find the pattern here or if you would like to learn how to make these you can join me on a 2 hour crochet workshop and I will teach you everything you need to know!


Next workshop is Saturday 6th July at the Little Box Cafe 1-3pm

4 responses to “Crochet Flower Lampshade

    • That’s a brilliant idea to use a coloured bulb! I will do that. I will tell Lili my daughter that you like the plate because she painted it when we visited Mary Rose Young Pottery last year. Thank you for your kind comment x

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