Leaping Hare

Leaping Hare‘Leaping Hare’

This Leaping Hare is part of a series and they sell like hot cakes! I think the subject matter has everything to do with it because Hares seem to capture the hearts of a lot of people…. me included. I announced to my family a while back that I was now officially collecting Hares and was immediately inundated! So much so that a couple of years later I had to call a halt to it as it was getting out of hand. So, this Hare and the many others in the series (more picures to follow) is my homage. This particular one is made using glass tesserae and irridised mirror. I deliberately used grey tones as an exercise in working without bright colours. I found it strangely restful. Take a look at the eye and you may notice, like the lion that I have used a glass nugget (half a marble) with the eyeball coloured onto the flat side using a ‘sharpie’ permanent marker. Before gluing it in place (using pva wood adhesive) I painted the wood white so that it showed through the glass and helped make the eye stand out.

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