Doodle Heart

This is what I invariably end up doodling when talking on the phone! Hearts and stars with baubles on. So I decided to get it out of my system once and for all and execute the doodle of all doodles! The main shape is cut from mdf and the baubles are made using papier mache pulp. The pulp takes a day to dry before painting.  The mosaic outline uses gold mirror glass and is grouted before going on to fill the heart.

 I paint the wood in the heart with acrylics blending together the colours I intend to lay down afterwards using a selection of beads, buttons, acrylic gems, and anything else that shines! It’s all stuck down using clear silicone bathroom sealant.,,,,seriously it’s the most incredible adhesive I’ve found and outstrips the hot glue gun by miles!

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